Release of “We’re America”

I will be releasing a new song, “We’re America,” with the hope of raising the spirit of Americans during this difficult period. Listen to this pre-release track.

It was prompted by the bickering across the political aisle at a time when countrymen of all persuasions should be rallying behind President Obama and the nation. Certainly, our two party system is our strength, and questioning the administration, policy and legislation is essential. But the rancor and division have gone too far for a nation in crisis. Rush Limbaugh’s call for failure and serious hand-wringing and doubt from the far corners of both parties is working against the current of pragmatic support we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. As Tom Friedman wrote in his March 10 column in the New York Times: “Economically, this is the big one. This is August 1914. This is the morning after Pearl Harbor. This is 9/12. Yet, in too many ways, we seem to be playing politics as usual.”

So, I”m hoping to join with Tom and others to¬† inspire what I call a “new patriotism” with “We’re America.” Give it a listen (from above link) and stay tuned here for more on this quest.

4 thoughts on “Release of “We’re America”

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